Spring 2013: Low-cost Android-based Telemedicine in Rural Thailand

In partnership with volunteers from Warm Heart Worldwide, our objective is to improve lead times and overall efficiency in Thai medical clinic operations by focussing on improving the processes of regular patient encounters and data entry. 

Our solution is to implement a low-cost web and Android-based solution utilizing open source materials and bluetooth-enabled medical devices. The solution will enable volunteers to quickly and accurately record vitals from patients at the beginning of their encounter, then print that information in the exact format of the clinic’s standard ‘prescription papers.’ Data from Access’ database may also be exported in a standard SQL format so that it can be directly imported into a clinic’s local JHCIS database. The user interfaces of both the mobile application and the online database will be presented in Thai. 

The advanced capabilities of Access’ customized medical records database and Android front-end present the potential for many additional applications within a clinic, as well as scalability to more clinics in Thailand.


Fall 2013: Using SMS to Empower Landfill Scavengers in Bangladesh

In partnership with Em[POWER] Energy Group Ltd., SmartLabs will build and implement an integrated software solution for a co-op of people who collect and sell recyclable materials at the Matuail landfill site in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to effectively negotiate moderated fair prices with merchants. The pilot co-op group will include 40-80 'feature phone' users, equipped with an SMS-based application to respond to designated merchant requests for large quantities of specific scrap materials (i.e. glass, plastic, metal). Merchants will have access to an online interface to make requests.

Scavengers at Matuail are underpaid for their work because they are forced into competition, and they lack facilities for sorting materials and managing inventory. Scrap commodities prices (based on demand from large recycling companies) are highly variable and can change hourly. While Em[POWER] will build an on-site sorting and storage facility, SmartLabs will help the co-op use cell phones to ensure they are earning fair prices, and exercize more power in the supply chain through inventory management. SmartLabs and Em[POWER] want to create a way to eventually guarantee at least a dollar a day in wages to the 6000+ scavengers that live and work in the Matuail landfill.


Future Projects

We are always looking for high-impact projects to work on with new clients. If you represent or know of a social enterprise that fits our model, please visit our clients page or contact us.